studio schedule

where to find me...REMEMBER...shows are THE ONLY opportunity to discuss customized jewelry designs, no extra design fee*

March 12-14...Studio's Grand Opening Trunk Show (in my new location)...I can't stress this NEED to subscribe to the studio e-mail list in order to receive invite for address...

St. Mark's is NOT holding the regularly scheduled spring show...they plan to be back in November.

April 24-26 Junk Jubilee in Des Moines, Iowa State Fairgrounds CANCELLED, NO JUNK JUBILEE UNTIL NOVEMBER.


New Year...More Shows!!! I am hoping to bump up show dates in 2020...that's the goal!!!

Some BIG changes in the studio regarding Open Houses...

If you are on the studio email list, you'll get Trunk Show details for May, Fall and Christmas (which will each include the schedule of upcoming studio travels). Address for Trunk Shows at the studio will NOT be posted on FB or the Website.

I no longer accomodate shopping in the studio. I keep everything organized for the next on-the-road show to avoid unecessary time packing, when I could be making MORE PRETTIES! If you NEED something, I'd LOVE to help you here on the website or via email with the designs I offer on the website. If you have special design in mind and need extra help outside of when you can find me at a show, you will be charged an *extra design fee, the time that I spend creating a new design, in communication with you.

 *an extra design fee will be charged for extra time spent in conversation, in-person appointment, extra photos to aid in design selection, putting together an idea sampler...fee starts at $25 for the first 1/2 hour (minimum). Thank you for understanding that my time is involved in making something especially for you! Design fee does not apply towards time we discuss a design at a show! That's YOUR time! No extra charge for picking out one of my custom items, selected on website.