Holiday Trunk Show in-person and VIRTUAL

two sets of dates...each with TWO ways to SHOP!

My Holiday Trunk Shows Nov 20-22 and Dec 4-6

Friday November 20 (11-7pm) and Saturday November 21 (10-2)...Shopping open to all, no reservations needed

Saturday November 21 (beginning at 3pm!)-Sunday November 22...We go VIRTUAL!!!


Friday December 4 (11-7pm) and Saturday December 5 (10-2)...Shopping open to all, no reservations needed (weather and city restrictions pending...will keep you updated! If weather or health guidelines foil our original plans, the entirety of the show will be virtual!)

Saturday December 5 (beginning at 3pm!)-Sunday December 6...We Go VIRTUAL!!!

Invites with location (for the in-studio portion of Trunk Show) come via email...get yours HERE
YES you may bring a friend! YES we are all wearing face masks. is the VIRTUAL portion of the Trunk Show going to work?

Multiple listings on Instagram for BuyItNow and Auction listings...

Posted schedule for interactive FB Lives with opportunities to see additional items, ask questions...schedule to be posted!!!

Website will remain active, but in the interest of how to best use MY time (creating more jewelry for us!) most NEW items will show up on FB and Instagram

option for FaceTime shopping when I'm not Live...whether to see more jewelry or place custom orders!