custom orders

Custom Silver and Metal Charms

I can make personalized items for you from silver, copper and bronze. Make your selection from the custom silver/copper/bronze category.

I offer a variety of standard sizes of disks and tags in silver and copper. These pieces may be worn as a single piece, as multiples all hanging separately or as layered pieces.

These pieces may be hand-stamped with names, initials, dates, team names, inspirational quotes or verses. Number of letters/spaces is determined by the size of the piece and size of the font.

I also offer unique pieces in fine silver, copper and bronze which are molded and fired in my kiln. Some custom applications of this medium are children's fingerprints, keepsake renditions of simple drawings by your children, signatures, silhouettes from photos...

Custom Glass Charms

There are 2 categories of custom glass charms...

Photo Charms

Glass photo charms were the beginning of Brown Dog make your photos into keepsakes, I need a few things...

1. The PHOTO, e-mail or mail a copy of the actual photo.  You don't have to make the photo the size that it will be in the charm.  I re-size it to fit any of the smaller charms, but I need a good scan of the photo, if you scan it yourself.

2. DETAILS about each charm I make for you...

BW or Color? (most charms are made in BW)
Cropping?  How much of the photo do you want to show in the charm?  Crop to show just faces?  Crop out Aunt Jane?  (I don't photoshop your photo, JUST basic cropping!)
Size and shape?  I cut glass and make charms in (approximate) widths of 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1 1/4 inch, ornament sizes 1 1/2-2 inchs.  Your charm, depending on the photo, can be a square or rectangular-shaped.  Keep in mind the photo for the size of the charm...if you have a large group, you are not going to want a 1/2 inch (bitty) charm!  If you have a rectangular charm, let me know how large you want the width of the charm.  I also offer what I call double-bubble charms...these are 2-sided round charms that are best for close-ups of 1-3 children.  Your kiddos have to be in close together!
The back?  The reverse-side of your charm can be pretty paper (indicate color preference, team colors, etc), names, words/phrase, dates, team name, or another photo (2nd photo is $5 additional charge).  The size of your charm limits how much type can fit on the back of your charm.  The smaller the charm, the less fits.  On the tiniest charms, just one name, date or word will fit.  On an ornament or long rectangular charm, you can fit a phrase, quote or multi-names!
ex. Charm #1, BW, crop in to show faces,
3/4 inch square, use a pretty pink paper
on back with "Spring 2010"
Once you send me your photo(s) and specifications, I will reply to your e-mail, clarifying any requests, offering suggestions, and giving you the grand total for your order. Your 2-week order time begins once I receive payment and details about your order are finalized.

3. Pricing...each photo charm is $20, ornament sizes cost $25, adding an additional photo to the back of the charm is +$5.  Add-ons are also available to view on the website

Other Custom Glass
I can make glass charms to represent a sport team, hobbies, inspirational words or quote, dates...
On the order page, I will offer a selection of sizes to choose from.
Prices begin at $12 for customized words and quotes (if they are my standard sizes/styles) and will be $20 if I customize a charm for a team...

Custom order Payments and Refunds
I take special care when making your custom items. I must receive payment for your custom items before I begin work on them. Please understand that I cannot offer refunds on custom orders. You should see the studio policy page for further explanation.

♥ a friendly reminder...I hold many scheduled trunk shows at Simply Bungalow in Lincoln. My friends have been absolutely WONDERFUL to work with and even reserve a little spot behind the counter for studio order pick-ups to reside. HOWEVER, please to not use the shop as a go-between for ordering or to inquire about whether or not your order can be processed more quickly, etc. ALL INQUIRIES and orders MUST be between myself and customers so that we don't take advantage of a great situation. Thank you for your understanding!