about me

wife, mom of 3, artisan, ...and owner of the studio name-sake brown dog (yes, she's an actual dog, but really more red than brown).

Brown Dog Studio began 14+ years ago on my kitchen counter, hurriedly put away each day before picking up kids from school. I had been making glass photo charms as gifts for family and friends, when one day I was asked if I ever took orders... Why yes, yes I did! (wink) From the beginning, I made each glass charm by hand,...cutting glass, creating fun images, wrapping, soldering and clean-up. I also created tiny silver charms...pieces like I wanted to wear...fun and unique. When my workspace overflowed into every corner of the house, my husband offered me a storage room in the basement. Not fancy digs, but functional and mine. Early shows took place on my dining room table.

As the studio and my interests grew, I found myself with a much larger inventory and better tools! I began attending craft shows; I was invited into homes of women who wanted to share my jewelry with their friends.

Today...Brown Dog Studio has evolved into a lovely studio space. Counting the 3 trunk shows put on by the studio in 2018, I will participate in over 12 events this year...art shows, craft fairs, antique markets.

I've expanded my jewelry palette into more time with Torch and Metalsmithing tools...I work with sterling silver, copper and bronze in "raw" forms of wire and sheet (AND recycling my bench scrap)...I don't purchase elements to piece together into jewelry...You're getting artist-crafted workmanship :)

I still make each piece by hand in the studio. Numerous hours in the studio continue to feel less like work and more like a gift. I'm HONORED to share your sweetest memories...the joy of newborn babies for mommy/grandma necklaces, celebrations of family and friendship, unique pieces representing growing children, as well as memory pieces for those you've loved and miss.

Thank you to all who have trusted me to make fun/silly/meaningful jewelry for you or to be shared with those you love. YOU are why I continue to open my studio, cart my pretties to shows and constantly create!