sterling LOCK

This style of sterling pendant debuted in the studio a few years ago. I made a handful to sell at shows, as well as some custom orders.I am revisiting the design because I brought mine back out to wear with "my favorite leather" over the past few weeks! You can purchase your own my favorite leather separately OR note that this item comes with either one of my 14 gauge sterling jump rings so that you can slip it onto a chain OR a leather lace for wearing. It also looks really lovely on this short gunmetal link chain.

I fabricate the piece from sturdy-weight sterling silver sheet and wire and then saw the name or word by hand, adding a few fun flourishes. Up to 6 letters fits this size...I would need to go bigger or longer, adjusting the size and price, for a longer word/name. I never intended for it to be named a "lock", but the name stuck! 

Besides names...words I "wrote" the last time I made, grace, loved, blessed, hope.

Note that you are giving me artistic license to "handwrite' your name or word...I am not copying other handwriting or specific font styles. 


Yes...I need to pay for more letters...up to 8 add $8.00
Yes...I need to pay for more letters...up to 10 add $12.00


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