reserve a time to shop June trunk show June 25-28


You've ASKED (a lot!) and now you get to come shop in the studio...Here's how...

I am offering RESERVED sessions for in-person studio shopping during the studio's June trunk show. Each session is reserved for one person/pair only, on the hour for 1/2 hour. I am allowing half an hour in between reservations to keep your time for YOU, as well as to allow me to regroup for the next reservation! In order to give yourself enough time and in respect for the next group, please show up on time for your scheduled time. The half hour sessions begin on the hour, not at the time you show up. If you think you will need more than 1/2 hour to shop, you should reserve 2 consecutive time slots. 

You may bring one friend, but no small children at this time, please.

Both you and I will be wearing face masks, I will have sanitizing gel on hand and be wiping down checkout area between time slots. Did I mention face masks? Yep! You'll need to come with one!

Because I can only offer a certain number of these for people who have been hoping to shop in the studio, I have decided that a deposit will be part of the reservation process. Your full deposit will be applied towards your purchases on the day of your visit, but due to the limited number of time slots I will not be refunding unused deposits. I will accommodate one time reschedule if done in advance of June 25.

Um...what's with the $15.38? The LEAST COMPLICATED way to collect the $25 deposit with your reservation is this obscure amount...together with sales tax and shipping the total should come to $25. My website doesn't allow me to tailor tax and shipping to individual listings, so after much thinking (and trying to sort through it with my husband who didn't get it at all!!!), I decided this was preferable to multiple coupon yes, I realize "tax and shipping" are being added to your should total $25 at check out...if you are purchasing from out of state, the website doesn't charge you sales tax, so the full amount THAT YOU PAY will be applied towards your shopping total. 

WOW! This is supposed to be FUN. I'm super-excited that I can offer these sessions, and any of the wordy explanations are just to keep it fun and safe for all of us! If the sessions during the June trunk show go well, I am hoping to offer more reservations on the website. Yay!

Thursday 3pm, evening before website goes live! (1 in stock)
Thursday 4pm, evening before website goes live! (1 in stock)
Thursday 5pm, evening before website goes live! (1 in stock)
Thursday 6pm, evening before website goes live! (out of stock)
Thursday 7pm, evening before website goes live! (out of stock)
Friday 11am (out of stock)
Friday noon (1 in stock)
Friday 1pm (1 in stock)
Friday 2pm (1 in stock)
Friday 3pm (1 in stock)
Friday 4pm (1 in stock)
Friday 5pm (1 in stock)
Friday 6pm (1 in stock)
Friday 7pm (1 in stock)
Saturday 11am (1 in stock)
Saturday noon (1 in stock)
Saturday 1pm (1 in stock)
Saturday 2pm (out of stock)
Saturday 3pm (out of stock)
Saturday 4pm (out of stock)


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