WRIST heavy silver bracelet chain

*price includes cost of link bracelet only...sterling hollow heart charm is an additional charge...

I have had this handmade silver link bracelet on my wrist for over 6 years. Over time, I've attached various charms. The hollow heart I'm currently wearing is my favorite and has been there for several years! You can purchase it HERE. The size of the links varies, whatever I make at the bench that day...

They all come at a standard roughly 8.5 inches and fasten with a sterling lobster clasp (I'll note length for individual bracelets). That length may be longer than you need (it is for me!). I choose to attach the clasp to a link further into the bracelet and allow a bit of silver to dangle. I HAVE made these bracelets with a toggle clasp (don't recommend!) or an S hook (very pretty, but less secure than a lobster clasp...I will make one on demand).

I will offer this chain link bracelet at the current price until I make additional ones. The new price will be adjusted to better reflect the amount of time loved into each wonderful bracelet.

I need to rework this listing...I currently have 3 link bracelets made, but not very represented by the photos. I literally rewrite the book every time I make one of these. I would recommend that you have me send you a photo of what I have and select from what I send you!

The 2 bracelets on the left are my traditional designs. The first (A) is similar to the link that I wear, the second (B) has slightly larger link. 

The 3 remaining bracelets are a bit more artistic...they will NOT be repeated. They are truly one-of-a-kind...I do NOT take special orders for artistic chain...unless you REALLY want to pay me for my time! Going across...single flower mixed with medium heavy link (C), large geometric mixed with heavy smaller link (D), mixed links with one small copper link (E).



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