1 inch disks with "extras"

I handstamp names, dates, sport numbers, words and more onto a round disk. You can wear one single sterling disk or several on a necklace or bracelet. You can even mix your metals...

Remember that maximum number of characters includes spaces and my divider dots!

See details below and companion photos for ONLY options offered online. Additional customizing of metal disks offered IN PERSON ONLY.

  • Add a DESIGN or initial to center of disk after I've stamped around the EDGE of disk. ONLY works with EDGE stamping (18 char max) in small uppercase or lowercase font. NOT available with medium uppercase. 
  • I can add a number in center of disk (up to 4 char max). ***Works best with small uppercase font around edge of disk (18 char max) so that I can stamp larger number in center, without overcrowding.
  • 1 or 2 lines of date, centered, in either small or medium uppercase font, up to 10 char max lower EDGE of disk
  • 2 lines of text, centered ACROSS disk in small upper or lowercase font (8 char max each line) *photo to come*

OR...a studio FAVE!!! Beadies dangle (3 small wrapped beads or 1 large crystal bead), replaces design or any other center stamping, 18 char max around edge of disk.

Price is for charm only, chains and add-ons may be purchased separately.

If you need several different disks, please place each onto order page, one at a time, to keep details and instructions separate. Thanks!

PLEASE NOTE: My necklaces are hand stamped using special tools and my own two hands!. Thus, each piece will be unique and you should expect variations from the photos. No two pieces will be exactly alike. Text and designs may not be perfectly straight which creates the unique artisan detail of your necklace

beadies dangle
WAIT! I’m having 2 lines of text instead


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