chunky copper stack ring

...because it's fun to add color and character! My chunky copper stack rings (as opposed to skinny rings in sterling or copper) are good as a single but MUCH better in groups. I start with a heavy piece of copper wire, add in fire, hammer, files and some patina and you've got a lovely bit of flame-kissed, rosy metal to wear. It measures roughly 1/8 inch across and will age to a penny-like patina. If you prefer to keep your copper shiny, metal polish or cloth works wonders!

I'm showing the chunky copper stack ring with my gold dottie ring and a chunky silver stack ring, the grouping I generally wear.

Full disclosure, this ring sometimes leaves a darkened ring around my finger (especially in the summer), but I've long chosen to ignore the down-side of copper because I LOVE it! If this reaction bothers you, some people have good luck adding a coat of clear nail polish to the inside of the ring. 

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