SALE rings

I LOVE rings and YOU, friends, love to shop my rings...

I've been making gorgeous new rings, but have some pretties from the past that just haven't flown from the nest...

So I'm offering them here AT SALE PRICES (prices originally from $40-110)...ALL have sterling silver bands.

...some sterling stackers (most of these can be sized UP from current size by up to 2 full sizes.

...some turquoise (and a few other gemstones)...I made many of these with adjustable bands...I'll note if a band is adjustable!

...a "just picked" selection from my SPINNER RINGS!!!

SALE turquoise and Amethyst
$175.00 $70.00-$120.00
SALE silver stack rings
$40.00 $20.00
silver MEDALLION rings
$50.00 $20.00
SALE amazonite and opal
$175.00 $70.00-$120.00