NEW COLLECTION Valentine Edition

New Collections appearing here, for first availability in limited quantities...all items will be purchased online and shipped. The studio isn't offering any private pick up dates at this time. 

On January 26... I will be posting a collection of "mixed styles" of jewelry tied to the theme Valentine Edition to the NEW COLLECTION section of the website. Some photos will be available in advance on Facebook and Instagram for viewing the items, BUT ALL PURCHASES (INCLUDING PAYMENTS AND SHIPPING) WILL BE COMPLETED THROUGH THE WEBSITE. There will be absolutely no alternate means of payment/pick-up/delivery. I will not be able to hold items or complete transactions through the Facebook or Instagram sites, although you may certainly ask questions about the items on the studio's FB or Instagram pages (maybe I wasn't clear about colors, sizing, details...ASK!)

Some items will be one-of-a-kind, not to be remade and not to be made as custom pieces at the prices shown (the custom versions may be priced significantly higher). 

Some items will be shown as 1 available, with additional options to buy "made to order". This means that I have one made that would be able to ship right away; the "made to order" versions ARE NOT custom orders, they are very similar versions, using same materials (all hand-crafted Brown Dog style by ME), and would ship in 2-3 weeks (not in time for Valentine's Day). 

SHIPPING for the Valentine's Edition... All items purchased before Thursday January 30 will be shipped by Friday January 31. I won't be available to ship from February 1-February 9, but shipping will resume on February 10. Thanks!