What's going on with the studio?

I'm getting ready to take down this over-the-top synopsis of the Long family/studio 2019...it's time to look FORWARD for the studio and I'm getting excited about my new workspace and loving our new home! but until my studio Grand Opening in March, you can read about 2019...

If you attended the studio's July trunk show (special edition, inside my home due to super HOT weather!), you know that WAY more than usual is happening around here!

Some family stuff past winter that was both uplifting and sad...and then...my husband said, "Let's build a house and move!"...because it's literally up the street a mile and even though I wasn't really sure he meant it (I mean, come on...we have a new grand baby, another grand baby on the way (!), our youngest graduated from high school and moving to dorms, another heading to live with her big brother's family while she does her semester of student teaching 90 miles away AND husband was dealing with his dad's estate in Kansas), he LURED me in with the promise of a new dedicated studio and ADVENTURE!

So...after graduation party, we started getting house ready to sell, a BIG part of it, Sarah getting her studio to another location for temporary storage and workspace AND to make that bedroom-turned-studio look like an innocent craft room! Threw the house on the market, 2 weeks later I had my indoor show...meanwhile a nice couple asked to come through the house DURING THAT INDOOR STUDIO TRUNK SHOW!!! (husband morning of...can you kind of get the house ready...ha ha ha, oh, you're serious!). They literally BOUGHT the house that weekend, we closed on the house 11 days later (WHO does that ?!?),we rented an apartment and were tenants in our home so that we could pack and move while nice couple had contractors in to measure, etc. Oh...and we decided to go on a family vacation day after closing!

I headed for Yankton Riverboat Days right before part one of our move. Did I mention that I'm super-sad to be leaving this house? I know...big adventure, fun studio, la-la-la...but I've really LOVED this house and the move coincided with last child moving out...not ready! There's so much exciting, but bear with me while I'm a bit sentimental even though...temporary apartment life sounds pretty appealing!!!

UPDATE!!! We are NO LONGER APARTMENT DWELLERS!!! We moved into our new home in time to get "settled enough" for Christmas, and I've allowed myself enough time away from the studio to really enjoy getting our house to feel like a HOME! Once I got house ready (I'm completely unpacked, and aside from deciding on where Art goes onto the walls, I feel pretty great about all of the home stuff!), I let myself start moving the studio into my new GOrGEouS space.

I have spent the past 2 weeks moving and organizing and am j-u-s-t about ready to start working on some really great ideas...

Get ready for my grand re-opening (thinking March), classes and MORE!