#NebraskaStrong AUCTION


A very special one-of-a-kind copper cuff, made with MANY tools and hours of labor in my studio...to be offered as an auction item on the studio InstagramShopping page.

Description of item...Cuff is made of heavy-weight jewelry-grade copper, measures 1-inch across and easily fits average-size wrist, slightly adjustable to accommodate smaller or slightly larger wrists. Did you get to see the sterling cuff I created in Tucson this winter? Yep! The design on the wrist was created by a combination of "reverse-stamping" from plates created by stamping designs and sawing, later rolled through a press. The sterling Nebraska outline and tiny copper heart (how did she saw that bitty thing out?!?) were then soldered onto the cuff, which was given a light patina and polish to create the added dimension. The cuff will be sealed with a high-quality spray, typically used for band instruments! This helps protect the rich patina.

I will not be making duplicates of this cuff for additional sales...the ONLY version of this cuff with NEBRASKA STRONG will be for this auction, and ALL proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Nebraska Red Cross, to help with flood assistance. I will not be holding back cost of materials, labor (I spent nearly 2 days in the studio creating this!), or even the cost of my postage stamp to mail in the donation!

How will it work?...I will open the auction tomorrow (Tuesday March 26) at 3pm Central time. The auction will run until 8pm Central time. The listing will show on the studio's InstagramShopping page, @shopbrowndogstudio in a posting. The opening bid will be $40 (value of the cuff is $125, not considering its one-of-a-kind nature). First bidder will post ME $40 to get the ball rolling. To continue, bidders will TAG THE BIDDER THEY ARE OUTBIDDING (very important) and then increase their bid in even dollar increments, for example @janesmith ME $45. PLEASE, no erasing your claims and be prepared to pay your winning bid after the auction end for bid + sales tax + USPS priority shipping ($8). ***note that ONLY the WINNING bid will be paid at end of auction. If you didn't win, you are not paying the amount you bid trying to get the cuff :)

Even if you don't plan to bid on this piece, I would love to get the word out and raise as much as we can...so if you would consider sharing the auction, it would be greatly appreciated!

***UPDATE...I have had questions from non-Instagram savvy studio friends about how THEY can participate...so here's what I'll do...

  • bidding begins and continues as described above on studio's InstagramShopping page
  • I will check on the ONE posting on Facebook that says bidding has begun (I WILL NOT be toggling back and forth, searching multiple facebook postings for bids/questions, etc) for active bidders (only serious bidders, please) and will post updates AND take the Facebook bids over to update Instagram page, as well. If a FB bidder outbids current Instagram leader, I post, for example, @janesmith FB SALLY $60, to show the new number to outbid. 
  • IF it comes down to the end and I haven't made it back to FB and there was a bidder on Instagram in the lead at the final moment, they will be the lead and the winner.

The idea for this is to raise some money for a very wonderful cause, and for someone to get a truly unique piece of jewelry that I had a lot of fun creating! I hope that it goes over well!!!