So exciting to share...INSTAGRAM SHOPPING 

In addition to regular favorites offered in the studio, I create one-of-a-kind pieces for purchase, no changes offered, "you get this piece of ART!"

You see these items if you visit me at shows or teased on the studio's Facebook and Instagram feeds. Because these are unique pieces, it is time-prohibitive to add them to the Website. Also, once they're shown on FB, I have requests for pricing, information, "please hold the piece..." with LOTS of follow-up emails, to make the piece to different specifications. For the most part, the only way to see/touch/request special work is IN PERSON AT A SHOW, but I DO want my work to find the perfect person! So...We're going to try this...

  • I will place a select number of items on my Instagram feed. I plan for this to become a regular feature of the studio, potentially a weekly event. 
  • In advance of the event, I'll show a composite of the items on Facebook, the website and as one post on Instagram. For that first peek, there won't be details, pricing or honoring requests for saving pieces...everyone gets a fair chance to claim the pretties as they show up for purchase...
  • The next day, items will appear individually in a set of multiple posts on Instagram. Each post will give enough (hopefully) details (pricing, sizes, colors) along with photos to help highlight the piece.
  • Once an item is posted, the FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT ME, MINE, or SOLD (or something similar) is responsible for purchasing the piece. You may indicate that you are interested in being a backup buyer, in case I have another one of the items or if the original person doesn't honor their purchase commitment. PLEASE only serious purchase requests. NO ERASING YOUR CLAIMS!!! You may continue to shop for additional items that day. You must direct message me your email address (to keep your email private) so that I can send you a paypal invoice for your purchase/purchases. You may tell me at that time if I will be mailing your item (preferred) or if you will be picking up (I'm allowing this on a trial basis). Invoices must be promptly paid. I will honor Instagram claiming first, but will periodically check Facebook to see if there is an interested party (NOT ON THE PREVIEW DAY).

I created a second Instagram feed so that you'll only be receiving notifications about shoppable items if you're participating...(I hate getting loads of notifications, lol).


Okay...let's DO this!