PATRIOTIC Hero mixed metals (top layer)

Sweet layered metals in your choice of sterling, copper and bronze, shown in possible combinations...

I have several of the single pieces pre-made to mix and match, and am offering these (the pre-made items) at a 20% discount through July 4, and then through my studio trunk show July 6-8.

How it works...

  1. pick your top layer...i ♥ my/wife of a(n)/mom of a(n) 
  2. pick a LARGER (for layering) bottom layer...(you'll have to go HERE to order bottom layer)
  • sailor
  • soldier
  • marine
  • guardsman
  • hero
  • airman
  • seaman

I recommend these size combos:

  • 1/2" layered onto 3/4"
  • 5/8" layered onto 7/8" or 1"

The TOP layer metals are regularly $10-$14 each piece, they will show as $8-11.20 each and the sale prices will be applied towards this month's free item.


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