Welcome to the studio...
Join me at JUNKSTOCK April 26-28!
Due to recent flooding and the necessary cleanup and road work to bring Junkstock's Home back to it's normal awesomeness, Junkstock will be found at the Sarpy County Fairgrounds for the April event...Be sure to click on the link (JUNKSTOCK) to get important details!
My Spring Open House 
This will be the single studio shopping event until mid-summer (unless I find another something Wonderful I HAVE to do that fits into the schedule with a graduating senior and other busyness!)
May 2-4, invites will be coming out this week!
Mother's Day custom ordering available!

What's new in the studio?

  • INSTAGRAMSHOPPING (Brown Dog Studio style lol) launches new collections on a weekly/semi-weekly basis. I generally announce the gallery with a group shot of the collection and the specific time (following day) that the items will be listed. At this time, I'm announcing those collections on the studio's Facebook and regular Instagram pages. The reason for using Instagram versus "just putting the collections on the website" comes down to an issue of time. Posting 20-30 items on Instagram takes me an evening...putting those same items on the website takes at minimum 3 days to edit the photos and add them to the website. 

See INSTAGRAMSHOPPING for how to SHOP with Brown Dog Studio

  • Sticking with the 12-15 rule for number of shows for 2019. Last year did feel a wee bit sparse with the 12 shows, so I'm slowly adding in a few more!


Just added a jewelry "public safety announcement" onto youtube (just for us, click on the blue wording...lol) 

Hello studio friends...a big thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your sweet faces and encouragement keep me in the studio.  

I am currently selling one-of-a-kind studio pretties on Instagram HERE...this is a second account, for shopping, so that shoppers on my regular account will not receive extra notifications, etc. Details about shopping can be found HERE.

2019 Studio Trunk Shows will include WINTER, SPRING, (SUMMER?), EARLY FALL and CHRISTMAS, and will tentatively be held in the studio. Details for these trunk shows come out via email. Dates and times will be posted on Facebook and the website, EXCLUDING ADDRESS, due to private location. If you are not yet on the email list, you will need to request an email invitation so that you can be part of the fun.